Careers with Camaco Consulting

We encourage global multilingual cosmopolitans with high ethical standards who have lived, worked, and successfully accomplished projects in different countries. We expect you to be recognised for your developing leadership skills and proven ability to drive continuous improvement initiatives. This is your opportunity to be part of a vibrant changing organisation with an evolving workplace where you can be part of the change and future vision, instead of feeling like sailing on a big ship that takes too long to turn.

We recruit and train outstanding graduates and professionals, and seek ambitious individuals to build successful careers with us. People with views of the world and themselves that have been moulded by cross-cultural living. Professionals facing the challenges that result from their diverse experiences. Diverse professionals that see change as normal and dig for critical information to accomplish results. By achieving your career objectives, you help us with our business objectives.

We appreciate well-travelled individuals with creative thinking, entrepreneurial skills, experts with the logistics and emotional aspect related to transition and adaptation. By bringing honesty, emotional intelligence and values of loyalty to the organisation, we respond by taking special consideration when hiring, understanding and leveraging your individual talents. If you have no problem with learning and using new ways of thinking with great ability to be inclusive, communicating ideas and concepts to a diverse group it would be interested in hearing from you.

If you have the patience to understand different learning styles within your team, you have the potential to hit a bottom line with great results by joining our organisation. You will also be familiar with modern safety practices as well as have the ability to pass pre-employment psychological and medical assessments (including drug and alcohol screening).

We support diversity in the workplace:  Women, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders and people with a multicultural background are strongly encouraged to apply to our future openings.

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