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Camaco Consulting is an independent business providing management solutions on the following disciplines:

Process engineering, lean manufacturing for production improvement, warehouse & inventory control, cost analysis, energy audits and surveys.

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Technical Knowledge

Technical Knowledge

What we can do for your business

We are service provider for businesses in need of operations management, business strategy, engineering and digital marketing assistance.  We offer analysis of systems for services and production processes according to an engineering design process.

We can help your business with detailed engineering documentation management, manufacturing records and inventory systems selection, process data management system (PDMS) selection and evaluation, commissioning plans, training and start up; providing you with the know-how for optimal system operation.

We can assess your online presence for appropriate keywords and links to your website, exploiting as much as possible big data and tools such as Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Appropriate management of Research and Development (R&D) is becoming more important and challenging as there is an increased degree of competition and accelerated pace of technological change.  In order to reach successful commercialisation, Camaco Consulting smooths the bridge between investors and academia. We can help resolving differences between industry sponsors looking for optimum commercial results and academics pursuing their latest journal publication. These differences on objectives may increase costs, delay engineering deliverables or divert focus on commercialisation of projects. Managing of R&D processes should be market-focus instead of researcher-orientated.

Harold Pinto

Harold Pinto

Senior Operations Management Consultant

Managing operations in the manufacturing, supply chain and logistic sectors has provided Harold with a wide range of business outlook. He has worked in a variety of technical and management roles around the world, covering most aspects of the operational supply chain and manufacturing processes of large scale production plants.

Harold implemented business strategies as plant Head and supply chain Director through his leadership in productivity improvement, cost management, engineering, facilities management, recruitment, contracting and warehouse management. His vast skills and experience added to Harold’s background as Mechanical Engineer, helped on effective strategies to measure, control and improve workforce performance by setting strategic key performance indicators.

As an Australian Chartered Engineer with over four decades of experience, Harold has been a successful leader on his previous roles, specially in the heavy industry, implementing continuous improvement techniques, lean manufacturing, integrated waste management and building high performance teams. Mr Pinto has strong skills to set and conduct critical elements in maintenance engineering, operational risk management and asset integrity.

Harold holds the following current qualifications and memberships: